Monday, 30 July 2007


Alright. Despite the constant stickiness. Despite the rude drivers. Despite returning to your nagging mom (haha... kidding le). You just hafta love this place. Ain't no place like home, right?

Hmm... So what have I been up to. I've been catching up with family, friends and food lo. And of course, catching up with more food. I mean, we live to eat rite. And of course, after you eat so much, you feel guilty la, you know. So then you go join the gym. Which I did, of course. But then, join also no use la if u never go. But I'm trying my best le.

This past few weeks I have been doing electives also. Damn charm everyday kena grill, come back have to study summo. Haih, what a holiday. But but but... there is always the food to look forward to ma...

Other than that, I got myself a new laptop :) Dell 1420 wif killer spec wan. Kau kau RAM and then summo got Vista. But damn complicated leh. Haih why couldn't we just stick to windows 95 rite.

Anyway, that's all for now la. Hope you all also having a nice holiday like me (minus the studying). Ciao for now!!!

Oh btw do I sound Malaysian enuf yet?

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Congrats Rache and SW!!!

Let's raise our glasses to two wonderful people; who have been such a blessing to those around them, people who really have a heart for God, and I've been given such grace of meeting them here in Belfast.

Those two have now become one!!!

And so it was destined that they had their fairytale wedding, on the 7th of the July, '07; exactly a year after Seng Weng proposed on an airplane. It was a beautiful day, the weather lovely, and the bride and groom truly a sight to behold.

They took their vows in the Belfast castle, making their commitments to one another, before family and close friends, but most of all, before God.

The 6 of us were extremely excited for the both of them, and just happy to help out with whatever we could do. Here's us dressed in our best before we go our separate ways this summer. Will miss you guys plenty!!! (despite what I say :p)

The CUTEST flower girls and ring bearer ever!!! Gosh they're so adorable!!!

The scenery was absolutely stunning and it was just a day of great fun snapping photos with the couple and one another :)

And at night, we finished off with a nice dinner at Water Margin with all the Yam Sengs in order. My brotha Seng Weng was a lil tipsy towards the end but I'm sure he won't mind too much now :p

So, it was a perfect end to the day for everyone, certainly a great end to a long and colourful year. For now, Adieu and see yall back home!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Wahaha... today was a complete waste of time. Which really isn't a bad thing; least it shows that you have the time to waste. Almost 7 hours of shopping = 0 items bought. Must be some kinda new record for me or something.

Anyway, my local fan base was complaining at the lack of recent posts. So when I stumbled across this old magical website, I couldn't help but sharing.

The Mystical Ball is this really ancient website that I stumbled across. Took me a whole half an hour this time to RE-figure out how it works. So boys and girls, knock yourselves out ;)

P/S: This should keep you occupied for a wee while XL :)