Sunday, 19 July 2009

That's just life i guess

I've not written here in quite a while. Probably because life's just been plain sailing for me thus far. Probably because life's just been pretty plain. Heck I wonder sometimes it might be even be going a little too smoothly for my own good.

Today Xian Lee left Manchester for the last time. It seems as if it were only yesterday that I was that keened eye student that was asking for some advice from a senior. Little did I know that quirky senior would become one of my closest bros.

It is times like these that you realise that, lotsa things come and go. People move on. Life goes on. A friend once told me, you take the good and the bad with you, but only remember the good. lol if only I had that sorta innocence.

It's funny that I'm suddenly starting to doubt what direction I'm heading in. Things are always crystal clear to me I feel like I'm just walking into a path that's bee prepared. Always so sure. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I do need things to be a little blurry, round the edges at least. Is it possible that only a year after I challenged myself to leave Belfast, that I'm already getting too cosy in my comfort zone?

As I am penning my thoughts here, I realise we now live in a pretty lonely world. A world where people much rather face an electronic screen most of the day; a world where people keep connected by online blogs, network sites etc. We take for granted the fellowship that real life company affords, the heart to heart talks that no Twitter site can replace and all the banter with a mate that has been conveniently replaced by the niceties of MSN messages. As the night light glooms and dusk comes, I realise that I've just lost such a mate. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and all the luck that he feels has deserted him. Till the next time.