Sunday, 25 March 2007

Final week, last post, lost hour

Okay I'm whinny.

Yes Woei Lin. Yes Boren. Yes Joanne. Yes Jen Ping. Yes Jenn Yi. Yes Yijun.

Yes I'm whinny.

I know it took me this long to realise that but honestly, how can you blame me. I lost an hour of sleep and I practically lost my entire weekend. All I wanna do is whine!!!

This is my last post before I go back for a full-on 5 days (of Paeds) in Craigavon. Wish me luck and if all goes well (and quickly enough), we'll be looking forward to a very nice Easter :)

Hopefully I'll return on Friday with some pictures of my accomodation and the hospital (not that they're very interesting).

If any of you girls upstairs are reading, please sort our trip out please please please puhleeeese.

One more week and Giant's Causeway, here we come!!! Yipee!!!

Saturday, 24 March 2007


Last night we went to Thai Village for dinner to celebrate Kartini's farewell to Malaysia. For all Belfast people, if you have little money and big appetite (which is most people i suppose), Thai Village definitely ain't the place for you.

Went to catch 300 afterwards. Not a bad movie, but perhaps not as good as I expected. Basically a story of 300 Spartans slaughtering something like 570,000 Persians (who are the baddies) before dying themselves.

If you are sensitive enough, you can almost feel a tinge of the west versus the world scenario being proposed throughout the movie. Let me simplify.

Look closely enough, the Spartans and the "keh leh feh" Greeks are obviously all angmohs.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Persians on the other hand, are either invariably Asians or Africans, some Latinos (I think), a horde of monsters dressed up as Japs (who are the elite, surprise surprise...), couple of giant elephants and ya, a rhinoceros.

Anyway, (before any racist sentiments are stirred) the movie was generally entertaining (with ample blood and breasts to be experienced) and probably worth the watch.

Finally, just to say goodbye to Kartini who has definitely given an angle to my experiences upstairs with the girls. May you someday finish your food and dispose of it before it becomes rotten. Other than that, it's definitely been a pleasure knowing you.

Take care and all the best in the future :)

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Car choices

Okay some of you might know that I am planning to get a car.
You know, one of the 5 Cs all Singaporean women look for:
3)Credit card
5)Country club

So anyway, buying a car is like maybe like marrying a woman, you wanna get it right the first time. You want something reliable, long lasting, low-maintenance, comfortable to ride and preferably something that doesn't depreciate too much with a decent second hand value (boy can I feel the frowns already...)

Seeing that I am not Abramovich's "godson", here are, in my opinion the top choices for a student start-up ride (of course when he uses his head to buy a car, and not his heart or his balls).

Mmm-hmm. This is really a car one would buy with his head. Ford Fiestas are sinfully cheap to run and maintain, doesn't look too fugly, great to buy second hand and holds its value well. And hey, it's British made after all. Not that that's really a plus point.

Second in line, but certainly not second in class. The Nazi-made super mini VW Polo is actually a compromise to the much desired Golf. Costs slightly more to run and maintain than the Ford, but hey, if you wanna buy a car, it oughta be German. Might even score better if you're seen riding this well built baby (obviously not refering to myself).

Here is Nissan's answer to the student focused supermini class rides, the funky looking Micra. Its looks might not cater to everyone in the audience, but to me it has a "beetlish" look about it and looking like the cult status VW Beetle can't be all a bad thing. Reasonable to run and maintain, and packed with features like greeting you upon entering and wishing you on your birthday has to earn some brownie points. Some models even have keyless-go on them, now that's some luxury to be drooled at in this class of cars.

A lot's been said, so I'm hoping that I'll get some opinions, heck even throw in some rides that aren't mentioned. Who knows you might get me thinking ;) Cheers!

Monday, 19 March 2007

All things white

Okay whoever who had dirty thoughts upon seeing the topic needs some serious, serious therapy. And stay away from my kids.

Okay le, I don't usually do this. But since I can't take pictures of myself and stick it on the blog (simply coz no one would wanna look at em), I've decided to display pictures of my favourite stuff.

Meaning if there was a fire (seeing that the fire alarm just went off 5 mins ago), these would be the top 10 things I'd try to lug out of my room hopefully not at the expense of my own life.

And yea I know you've thought about it.

Since it's taking forever to upload them pictures, I'm gonna start with the first 3 in no particular order of importance.

Whateva you say Xian Lee my bro, my Soundock is da sexiest thing that an iPod can sit on. Looks and sounds like it's worth every buck I paid for it. I'm strapping this one on my back no matter what.

Now now, this was a easy one. Just like the Soundock, sounds good and looks good. Especially with that pint of beer at hand. Definitely a keeper.

Da newest in my white armada, I actually had a few reservations before buying this PSP and some doubts afterwards but boy I was wrong. This baby has kept me company on more than one cold and lonely night (not that I had too many) and if I were stuck on the Lost island, I'd want her to be with me.

Okay that's all for now. More to follow.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Snowing in March

Contrary to popular believe, snow is not as nice as people think. It's a lil bit like what some people say about girls (and girls please don't pelt me here, it's not from me...).

"Nice from far but far from nice"

That's right. Snow is real nice from real far, with your heating on, with a throw around you, with a cup of hot mocha, and preferably in December (when it gives you a white Christmas) and not March.

Last thing you need is for it to snow in the middle of March, when the combination of occasional sun and dirty shoes give you a dingy greyish snow, when you're stuck in a peripheral hospital, with some real suspect heating, and not enough clothing, and not to mention, no mocha.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

My new blog

Yay!!! In the midst of the extreme boredom that I am experiencing, I have started a new blog. With all the attention that people like Dawn Yang and Kenny wateva is gettin, I mean, what the heck right? If I post enough pretty pictures of myself, my friends might spend the whole evening talking about me and I might even get some free makeup. Woohoo!!!

Now wish me luck and cheers to my safety net if a career in medicine doesn't work out for me!