Friday, 14 September 2007


Aching heart, voices longing to be spoken,
How complicated, Am I already broken?
So many places, wanting attention,
So many people, yet forgiven,

Why is this, so so difficult?

The noise outside; blarring,
This emptiness within; how consuming,
This journey of mine; confusing,
Who here will listen, to my musing?

Why is this, so so difficult?

I have everything, yet I have nothing,
What is Love, if without trust,
I so tired, so tired of proving,
Dying to rest, if I could just.

Why is this, so so difficult?

In the end, it's quite simple,
The grace of God, make it your staple,
For finally, if you can't face your Maker,
What is the meaning of this all, this journey we've taken?

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