Sunday, 16 September 2007


And suddenly, there is only 2 weeks left in my calender before I fly back to Belfast!

I have so much yet to do! Clinical project to write up, friends to meet for one last time, things to buy, packing to do, parents to love, and more than all that, preparing myself to go back after being growing used to this place again. Sigh.

Boy this couple of months have been great. More than the food really, more than great weather, more than being home. I've found myself 3 months that has taught me more than the whole of last year. I've had ups and downs within this that has shown me who are the people I really love and really love me.

I've had a brilliant attachment, met a great bunch of new friends, I've reunited with old ones, been reminded of good ol times, and most importantly, I realised how much I love my baby.

So guys, yea so life does suck when it sucks. But boy when it is good, damn it's good :)

So take a breath of fresh air, put on corinne bailey rae's "call me when you get this" on ur player, and tell yourself what a brilliant day it is gonna be today!

The smile on your face comes automatically :)

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